Innovative Workspace Systems

Stuffy office cubicles are a thing of the past! 

Systems furniture has come a long way since the cubicle boom in the 1980’s.  It actually is possible to fit many employees in a small space comfortably and fashionably!  The look, feel, and design of Business Furniture Systems offerings of systems furniture will leave you wanting to abandon your walled office.

Workstations For Every Space

We can create workstations that are as small or as large as you like, square or rectangular, high walls or low walls or no walls, private or not so private.  Systems with drawers and filing cabinets are in high demand; add a wardrobe to stow your coat, boots, and purse on a cold day and you have something pretty special.

Customize Your Work Station

We have multi colors and levels of walls – we even have clear walls for sound reduction but that will let lots of light in.  Mix and match solid and see through panels to create a station just right for you.   Overhead bins create lots of storage while mobile pedestals allow you to store but let you decide on which side you like the unit to sit.  BFS can even add a sit stand unit into the system!

Whether you run a call center that requires 100 systems or an accounting office that requires 4 systems, we can help you design something that fits your needs perfectly. With so many manufacturers and options to choose from, you cannot go wrong with a large or small system in your office from Business Furniture Systems!

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