It’s time to take a seat.

Office seating has evolved from the proverbial apple crate to sophisticated, ergonomic chairs that measurably enhance employee’s productivity.

If there is any one easy thing to change that can make spending 8 hours behind a desk more comfortable it is choosing the most ergonomic chair possible, one that fits you.  We have task and executive chairs that can be adjusted to fit your height and body type with adjustable head rests, adjustable and contoured lumbar support, adjustable arms, sliding seats, and adjustable heights.  We offer fabric, mesh, leather, and faux leather.

From sitting at a desk all day to lounging at a café chair in the break room, Business Furniture Systems has a chair for you that can fit any budget!


Ever have a need to discuss business with someone at your desk? Side chairs are the perfect compliment to any desk and will give that extra special touch to guests and visitors. With or without arms, stackable, foldable, or nesting, side chairs can offer clients and fellow employees a great area to discuss ideas. Like to sit high? A task/drafting chair is just the thing. From tall drafting tables to sit/stand desks, drafting chairs can lift to the required height comfortably and conveniently. And they come in multiple colors and styles!

Lounge Seating

Lounge seating can take your office from just an office to a place people want to be.  Add an office couch, a couple of vibrantly colored side chairs, and a guest table and you could give your employees an area to relax and share creative ideas with one another or give clients a comfortable place to drink a cup of coffee while you present your product.

Conference Seating

Seating around a conference table is probably not something most people think about daily; however, sitting around a table discussing ideas or company welfare will quickly bring about the realization that these chairs are very important.

Most conference table chairs are equipped with wheels so that cohorts can easily reach one another for the intimate exchange of ideas.  Add a pop of color to these chairs and you have an area clients and executives alike will enjoy.