Enhance Your Work Stations

Creating a functional and comfortable work-space for you and your team could be the difference between scoring that next great project versus just dreaming about it.

Whether working alone or collaborating on a project, a well outfitted desk can mean the difference between organization and chaos.  Whether pure functionality is a priority or functional and beautiful is what you love, Business Furniture Systems has a solution for you.

We offer full, traditional desks with box drawers and filling cabinets or if you prefer an open office, collaborative type environment we offer benching and hoteling systems that will take care of all your desking needs.

Get Ready For Open Collaboration

The open office concept revolves around desks and work stations that aren’t closed and stuffy, allowing cohorts to speak ideas freely with one another.  Employees can see one another and expand ideas together.  Benching systems are a great way to create an open, modern environment and incorporate many employees into a small space.  Benching systems allow you to seamlessly transition from working collaboratively to working alone.

Work Stations An Executive Would Love

From rolling pedestals to privacy panels and screens, we can make your desk just the way you want it at a price point that will make every buyer happy. Hoteling workstations allow mobility within a company.  These are designed for multiple users at one work station, either for a permanent workstation or work stations that rotate employees and workers.  Prefer a more traditional approach?  Business Furniture Systems can do that too!  U-shaped, L-shaped, 1 drawer or a file drawer are all options.  And the many colors we have available will fit any décor!

Pencil drawers and keyboard trays are just a couple of the many ways we can customize a desk to fit your exact need and budget. BFS can tailor your work experience to fit with the addition of an overhead hutch or a credenza to give much needed workspace and storage.

It’s about the greeting when you walk into an office space, don’t you think?

Reception desks are oftentimes overlooked but they are the initial impression your client will get if your business and it should wow them!  We have so many styles and colors to choose from and all customizable to be as functional as you like.  The desk, work station, system, or reception of your dreams is just a visit to BFS showroom away!

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