Business Furniture Systems has the best sit stand desks at the best prices by the best manufacturers. 

We offer a variety of traditional office cubicles in various size and height options but can also add contemporary transparent walls for an open feel while maintaining that personal cubicle space.

Office trends today favor collaborative workspaces with lounge furniture galore.  Let us help you create a collaborative, open feel with a six to eight-person hoteling system that offers privacy panels between each station in any color you can imagine.  The collaborative hoteling workspace can be accentuated with ergonomic chairs that will make the work day fly by.

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We offer a 2-stage desk; or, for those needing a little extra height, we have a 3-stage system. Desk tops can be a variety of colors and sizes so that your office space looks and feels exactly like you imagine with the added benefit of ergonomic convenience. We provide all colors like traditional wood grains in Walnut, Espresso, Newport Grey, and Cherry to more exotic looks like bright orange, warm red, or midnight blue, these desks can add some snap into your office.  

Desk Top Options

Do you love your desk but also want the benefits of a sit stand?  We have a desk top option that is just right for you.  These smaller units fit right on top of your existing desk.  Place your computer keyboard and monitor on top of these and small units and you have the same advantages of an adjustable height desk while keeping your current office set-up.  Business Furniture Systems is your A to Z sit stand headquarters!

Adjustable Sit & Stand Desks

With the push of a button you have the ability to take your desk from sitting height to standing height in a matter of seconds.  And if you want to both stand and sit at a tall desk, our perch seating will make that a modern-day breeze.

These seats are designed specifically for adjustable height desks and allow you to “perch” on the edge of the seat while taking pressure off the balls or heels of your feet.  The best of both sitting and standing worlds rolled into one.